Boao Forum for Asia

Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) is a nongovernmental and nonprofit international organization with a fixed conference date and a fixed domicile.

BFA has won great support from Asian countries and drawn extensive attention of the whole world. Now, it has become a high-end platform for dialogs among leaders of national governments, industrial and business circles, and academic circles of countries in Asia and other continents about the important issues in Asia and even the whole world. BFA is dedicated to promoting Asian countries to achieve common development through further integration of regional economy.

Profile of Boao Hub

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Boao Hub - Official New Media Platform of BFA

Boao Hub is an official mobile app for Boao Forum for Asia, launched in 2012. Over the past 7 years, Boao Hub has never stopped improving, and has provided quality services for the Boao Forum for Asia with a concept of technical innovation. It has enhanced the participation experience at the Forum, and received extensive praises from guests and the forum secretariat!

In 2018, Boao Hub will focus on two updates: “Content Aggregation" and “Innovative Conference Services". With content aggregation, Boao Hub plans to provide users with the latest and the most comprehensive news, leading a new path for information presentation and sharing. With the conference services, Boao Hub uses online and offline content to launch innovative services, as well as enhance participant experience!

Core functions

Conference Services
provide participants with mobile registration, conference secretariat and mobile smart charging services and so on, to secure a smooth participation.
Content Aggregation
improve content angle, quality and presentation. Help users to quickly learn the wisdom of Boao.
Index Contacts
add some features contents such as VR live, enterprise group, Boao Big Name Q&As and so on, so as to focus on contents and services.

Page features

Major Past event

  • 2012 Version

  • 2013 Version

  • 2014 Version

  • 2015 Version

  • 2016 Version

  • 2017 Version

  • 2018 Version

Boao Hub2012 The BFA Secretariat decides to create the “Boao Hub” mobile terminal application by demonstrating the relevant materials of BFA in the terminal APP. Three show stands were on the site of annual conference and obtained lots of news coverage.

Boao Hub2013 Upgraded based on 2012 version. “My Schedule” functionality was added to personalize the conference experience. All previous functionalities were also optimized. Information was updated “daily” with more news and reports of the forum.

Boao Hub2014 Upgraded based on 2013 new media platform version. “The Group” social networking functionality was added as trail basis and received great feedback. Also, all functional modules were further optimized and a PAD app version was developed and natively embedded into SAMSUNG Galaxy Tablet as a promotional cooperation with BFA.

Boao Hub2015 An upgrade based on 2014 new media platform version – fully upgrade the conference service and agenda management systems, strengthen services provided to members and provide full brand promotion services for BFA sponsors like Cadillac, Hainan Airlines, etc.

Boao Hub2016 This is a new upgrade version based on the previous experience. We have changed the sidebar view into the intuitive menu view at the bottom. Homepage mainly shows news information. The special subject and tag functions has been added so as to present fresh and high quality content clearly. The conference service functions are highlighted, which gets through the schedule and customer’s information to help users understand the conference by one-stop service in advance.

Boao Hub2017 In 2017, Boao Hub fully optimized content aggregation, and focus on launch selected highlights; continuously provide innovative conference services, VR live, lightweight applications, smart mobile charging service and so on, fully enhance the conference experience!

Boao Hub2018 Four amazing dimensions with eight highlights – fully supports to Boao Forum of Asia in 2018. LIVE BFA: hear BFA, view BFA and experience BFA with live VR telecasting; DATA BFA: Digital BFA, instant public opinions; SMART BFA: conference service; DIALOGUE BFA: BFA stories, question hot issues.

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